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The Five Days of Action is a week designed every year to raise awareness and inspire adults to take action to protect children from sexual abuse.

We know the way parents and caregivers protect kids may look different in the current environment as they are adapting to new scenarios. The Five Days of Action is providing relevant, helpful resources for adults to navigate this time and continue to protect kids from sexual abuse. Click here for resources for your family.  #fivedaysofaction

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With the opportunity to serve so many more children at our facilities, our constant focus on child safety must be reviewed and renewed. We know this at the forefront of everything you do, and hope to always be a resource and support in this important work. We each have our own communities, and provide the unique services they require, but are all united under the YMCA's commitment to keep kids safe. 

Resources For All YMCAs


YUSA CEO Hotline
YMCA of the USA has a CEO Emergency Hotline (800-822-9622). This hotline connects CEOs to emergency assistance from Y-USA. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to YMCA CEOs.

Crisis Communication Planning Guide (Available on LINK to YMCA CEOs)

Praesidium Helpline for YMCAs
This provides information regarding our free anonymous 24/7 helpline offered to all YMCAs. All YMCAs can call the Praesidium Helpline at 855-347-0751 at any time to report suspicious or inappropriate behaviors and policy violations and to ask specific questions related to child abuse prevention.

Resources from Praesidium

Through the YMCA’s relationship with Praesidium, we have a wonderful partner in this work, and they have provided us with several tools some of which are attached to this email.

Know Your Score!
This is an online tool that allows Ys to systematically and privately assess the extent to which your organization employs best practices to ensure client safety. Know Your Score!™ provides a road map to help organizations know exactly what they need to do and how to get started on making their facility or programs as safe for children as possible.

Resources from The Redwoods Group


The Changing Landscape of Abuse Resources


Responding to an Existential Threat 


Articles to Share with Your Staff

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